Mission: Live Well, Lose Covid Weight

Mission: Live Well and Lose Covid Weight

The batteries in my scale are not wearing down. A magnetic pole reversal isn’t causing the circuits to misfire.  Water weight doesn’t explain the number of pounds that I’ve packed on over the past year. Learning that I’m one of the two in five Americans joining the “Quarantine 15” isn’t making me feel any better. With the button on my pants about to burst, I’m starting a diet that should be m last. I’ll need a plan that results in a permanent change. My mission: live well and lose covid weight.

Live Well & Eat Healthy

All of the most popular diets agree on the basics. Along with The Food Pyramid and “Eating the Rainbow”, Noom, Keto, Paleo, Intermittent Fasting, The Mediterranean Diet, Nutrisystem, and Weight Watchers – all agree with the basics. A healthy diet consists of eating lots of natural foods that are in their most natural states. That means eating mostly fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean meats.  My go-tos are bananas, grapes, carrots, and trail mix for snacks, salads, and soups for lunch, and fish, chicken, for dinner. 

For the pounds to start falling off, I’ll need to normalize the diet. For that, I’ll prepare shopping lists, storage containers, travel bags, and cooking methods that optimize the use of natural foods. I’ll satisfy my sweet tooth with grapes, diet tea, and gum. Nuts, seeds, tofu, and lunchmeat are quick and easy protein-rich snacks. Having healthy food at home is key. But to really live well and lose covid weight, I can’t be having cravings that send me plowing through jars of peanut butter.

Plan for Problems

Cravings from dehydration and malnutrition will easily side-track my best efforts. Running to food when my body needs water will work against me. Eating chocolate when it craves magnesium will set me back. The RO water filter that I installed will make water convenient. Having lots of thirty-ounce containers handy will also help. For flavor, I have lemon and anise extracts. Throwing herbal tea bags straight into cold water. also adds flavor Along with drinking over sixty ounces of water every day, I’ll take a multi, magnesium, and extra Vitamin B. Anti-anxiety herbs like Valerian and Lemon can also combat stress and support my mission to live well and lose covid weight.

Along with eating healthy and drinking water, I’ll need a plan that counters the influences of the outside world. The pressures from group eating events and restaurant outings will certainly throw me off. To limit overindulgences during family gatherings, I’ll sip lots of ginger tea. To counter the processed food in vending machines while out, I’ll bring apples and trail mix along in my bag. In response to oversized restaurant portions, I’ll plan on taking home half the plate. For drinks, low-calorie beers like Slightly Mighty, Guinness, spritzers, and vodka seltzer will further support my mission to live well.

Count, Count, Count

I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve felt horrified on the scale after dieting while seeing the weight that I actually gained!  In these situations, I either didn’t count at all or miscalculated. Stagnating or gaining weight during a diet usually indicates a problem with the count.  Keto and Paleo count carbs. Intermittent Fasting counts time/hours. Noom, Nutrisystem, and Weight Watches count calories. Years ago, I went on a low-fat diet that limited my daily fat intake to 30 grams

Familiar with calories, I’m going to count them this time around. For me to lose weight, I’ll need to stay under 1200 and include every single food I’ve eaten in the day’s total. In the past, I’ve forgotten to include the quick snacks that I grabbed in passing or food that I ate while cooking and preparing. If I don’t find myself losing weight, I should count more carefully, refine my measurements, or start logging everything that I eat on an app

Making sure that I have access to healthy food every single day at home and on the go will be challenging. Drinking water and taking vitamins every evening Won’t be easy to remember. Counting every single calorie that I eat will take effort. After all of that, I’ll still need to construct routines that let me enjoy some junk food, as I discuss in that post. Also, I’ll have to pull back from stress-eating, which constitutes a discussion of its own. Losing weight requires time and effort, but nothing compares to the sense of well-being from a healthy diet.

Would love to read about any tricks and tips that you have that might further help me along on this challenge. Learn more by following me here.  Thank you for reading. 

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