Support Gun Laws to Protect Rights

Voting No to Gun Laws Strips Rights

Americans have rights. No one has the right to take away another person’s rights. In some situations, a citizen’s rights may compete with another’s. Two people can fight over the Right of Free Speech for example. During this shouting match, the two citizens have competing rights

A functional government tries to resolve the problem by satisfying the rights of both parties. The official or lawmaker might require that each person remains in a separate location. With the solution, both parties retain the Right of Free Speech without interfering with the rights of the other.

The gun debate is an example of competing rights.  Mass shootings violate citizens’ Right to Life and the Right to Equal Protection under the law.  At the same time, the Second Amendment provides gun owners with the Right to Bear Arms. The government in this instance is asked to satisfy the rights of two competing groups.  

We Have Rights Too.

Over the last 13 years, the government has supported the rights of gun owners only. Having no laws protects their right to gun ownership. Having laws protects the public’s Right to Life.

After the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2012, our government passed no gun laws.  After the Las Vegas shooting in 2017, our elected officials passed no gun laws. In response to the murders and the hundreds of injuries, our leaders took no real action.

America has experienced 277 mass shootings since 2009. In each case, Congress offered up gun laws to the Senate. Every time, the Senate satisfied the rights of gun owners only and refused to pass a single law. The Senate has not made any attempt to satisfy the public’s right to live without being killed.

The Right to Life in the constitution is the most valuable right of all. All other Constitutional Rights refer to living and breathing citizens. A person that died in a mass shooting has no need for Free Speech or Voting Rights for example. Also, the gun owners affected by a gun law are only a small portion of the gun-rights population. The public’s Right to Life affects the entire population.

The argument that gun control laws will expand the reach of a dangerous government isn’t supported by facts. Corrupted laws can be revoked.  Laws can be made temporary. The 1994 gun ban was issued and suspended without problems.

And a Real Problem.

The gun enthusiasts that throw out the Second Amendment are referring to an imaginary situation. “The public needs high-capacity magazines. It needs to protect itself against an oppressive government,” they claim. The problem here is theoretical. Right now, the American population is facing a real problem in the real world.

The victims of the 277 mass shootings experienced actual pain and actual loss, not hypothetical pain and loss. Unlike the gun-owner group, they didn’t have the luxury of speculating on the possibility of violence. They confronted real violence and actually faced endless streams of deadly bullets

Federal Bureau of Investigations, 2018

In a gun-owners fantasy, high-capacity magazines somehow withstand our governments’ modern weapons, which is absurd. In fact, it is Voting Rights and Free Speech – not guns – that protect us from an oppressive government. Politicians that work against the country’s interests should get voted out of office. 

Photo by Colin Lloyd on Unsplash

Pass Gun Laws.

The survivors of the Sandy Hook shooting argue for a ban on large magazines. The gunman “paused to reload,” they state. During that brief moment of quiet, “eleven children were able to escape” from the deadly assault (Sandy Hook Promise).

Congress has just passed a new bill on Gun Control. The measure, however, is “doomed to fail” in the Senate. At the center of the controversy will be the ban on high-capacity magazines. The recent, modest proposal to limit the bullets in a magazine to 10 met with strict opposition from the Senate.

The public has rights too – the Right to Life and the Right to Equal Protection under the law. Mass shootings are a problem.  Contact your Senator. Figure out where they stand on high-capacity magazines. Support gun laws.

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