Trump’s Capitol Riot Blasts Nation

The colors in the American Flag represent American values: the red symbolizes bravery, the white, purity, and the blue, vigilance. The colonists during The Revolutionary War were brave (red) while fighting against the English. The founders were honest (white) when declaring America’s Independence. The country was vigilant (blue) when defending its citizens’ Freedoms and Rights.

The flags that the rioters waved on January 6th blasted the nation when they conveyed opposite values. The red in their flags expressed not bravery, but bravado. The riot itself was pursuing something not honest but dishonest. In terms of protecting people’s rights and freedoms, the protest showed, not vigilance but negligence.

True American Rebels

According to court documents, there were over 600 rioters at the scene. 640 were charged with being in a “restricted federal building.” (USDOJ). In comparison, the Police Union announced that 140 law officers were assaulted during the siege. The agitators at the capitol outnumbered the police officers 6 to 1.

Confronted by aggressive protesters, the officers’ actions were red-brave. When they dodged the gangs and tried to talk to the attackers., they showed “strength in the face of danger and fear”. During the assault, they kept their fears under control and stoped themselves from using their firearms.

The agitators faced no real danger. In a mob of like-minded protesters, they faced no threats as they confronted the police. With the support of Trump, they couldn’t have foreseen the legal consequences of their actions. The sensationalism of the MAGA hats, the orange caps, and the shaman demonstrate a lack of bravery.

Instead, they offended the nation with bravado – “boldness intended to impress” and “intimidate”. In this case, they wanted to impress Trump and intimidate the elected officials inside.

Howard Pyle - The Nation Makers - 1903

With Long-Standing Complaints

Our founders explained that the overthrow of a government was justifiable – only under a specific set of circumstances. They justified the violence of the Revolutionary war by presenting a list of causes. They argued that the causes were long-standing and that the oppression was “absolute”.

Trump claimed that he won the election. The complaint of an unfair election isn’t a long-standing cause. Officials investigate and charge people that commit voter fraud. Trump’s attempt to overthrow the entire government was supporting a process that was Unamerican – in addition to presenting a cause that was untrue.

Biden won the 2020 election. The rioters running up the steps of the Capitol – weren’t defending Voting Rights. Trump had lied about the cause. The agitators were in fact threatening to take away Voting Rights. The white in this instance symbolized – not honesty, but deception.

Trump’s blasted the nation during the riot by waving American Flags that represented Anti-American values.

Had Public Support

In 1776, Americans came together in support of Independence and in support of values like Freedom and Natural Rights. When the nation declared war on England, the country rejected the idea of one-person rule and embraced the concept of shared power. The flag’s stars and stripes represented how America came together in support of Democracy.

Focused on Trump, the instigators pledged allegiance, not to shared power, but to one-person rule. Under King George III, Americans had no Freedom or Natural Rights. The rioters that attacked The Capitol – attacked the concept of shared power and traditional values like Freedom and Natural Rights.

The agitators holding the nation’s flags looked like patriots. They were, however, pursuing Anti-American ideas. The color blue in their enthusiastic marches – didn’t represent vigilance against the threat of tyranny. In contrast, the blue at the Capital Riot represented a movement toward tyranny and against Democracy.

Before Resorting to Violence

The founding fathers would’ve been outraged by the events on January 6th. At the same time, they would’ve viewed the recent arson attacks from the left as unjustified as well. The Founding Fathers condoned political violence only after a formal presentation of the complaints.

According to the founders, a revolution is justified when there are long-standing issues that result in “absolute” tyranny. The public had supported the cause and the violence of the Revolutionary War. The public didn’t support the cause or the violence of the riot on January 6th or of the arson attacks from the left.

Waving the American flag while supporting Anti-American ideas confuses the public about our nation’s history and beliefs. We can combat the misuse of the flag by spreading awareness of our country’s true values.

During our upcoming Fourth of July celebrations, let’s make a point to do something brave, say something honest, and be vigilant – of threats and violence. Hear more about left and right-wing politics by checking out my website, The Happy Centrist. Thank you for reading. Double thanks for following me here.

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