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*Thanks to Joe’s Writers’ Club for reviewing and advising me on the Cruella review-blog that I wrote last week. If you’re interested in joining us on Tuesdays to share and discuss original texts or in participating in JWC’s Alphabet Project, sign up at JWC’s XYC site. Ricky and Tom just posted some awesome free reads on Wattpad. Joe Evaldi just posted a blog on facing rejection, and in his recent post, Ben Lawrence discusses various forms of fiction.

*Quick shout out to Sadadusk for the great article on bookends, which I’ve incorporated into The Spy and Afternoon Tea below. I also consulted Weiland’s discussion on flashbacks before rewriting the story. Applying the suggestions is Masterclass’s article How to Create Suspense improved the writing of The Spy, as did Hill’s notes about Deep POV.

*If you’re interested in another short read, try my all time favorite, The Wig by Brady Udall.

  • A Talk About Race
    The driver leaning against a black sedan straightened his tie. The well-dressed man and his associate exited the building. Smoke from the running engine pushed past the towers of snow piled on the curb. The driver brushed away a speck of ice from his wool coat. In the white-out of the frost-covered ground, he squinted. When a group of reporters appeared at the corner and rushed toward the candidate, the driver was quick to open the passenger door. A number of excited voices rose above a hoard of flashing cameras “Have you always entertained racist views against white people?” oneContinue reading “A Talk About Race”
  • A Stroll Through Taynisky Garden
    Read along with the author in this screencast. The foreign donations that Anna Kovskaya accepted to her newspaper should have remained secret. Last year, Sergey Ivanoff put a hit on her colleague for taking gifts. Afraid that Ivanoff knew of the monies and that he planned to now target her, Anna and a friend slipped a bug into his pant cuff while he dined that day. With the knowledge that he and his hitman were meeting in Taynisky Garden that evening, Anna entered with her spy-tech powered on. From a spot by the evergreens, she surveyed the long paths thatContinue reading “A Stroll Through Taynisky Garden”
  • Afternoon Tea
    Read along with the author in this screencast. In the sitting room of our Budapest palace, my mother often reviewed the day’s correspondence during her afternoon tea. As she poured from a tall, curved spout and sipped from a rose-spotted cup, she alternated between reading the letters of the day and glancing through a window at the peonies and lilies that bloomed in our courtyard garden.  My mother bequeathed the set to me after she passed away last year. In my American apartment now, I alternate between reading the day’s mail and watching the dog walkers out my window, strollContinue reading “Afternoon Tea”

“The Heart Switch”, a short story about love in a dystopian society.

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