Maid: A Hero’s Journey

Maid offers so much with its content and social commentary. Along with the expert cast and the realistic production – is a script that raises awareness of abusive relationships, the struggles of poverty, and the tribulations of government support systems.  Through Paula, the show depicts the effect of mental illness – with Sean, the impactContinue reading “Maid: A Hero’s Journey”

Order Over Chaos

While heroically meeting the deadlines and demands of our fast-paced world, Wojnarowski earns GRINS for his choice of diction (with “evolving” and “eligible”)  and for his sophisticated use of the noun phrase, “one of the most accomplished”. Wojnarowki gets more GRINS and avoids wordiness by choosing “NBA history” over “the history of the NBA”. UnderneathContinue reading “Order Over Chaos”

The Queen’s Gambit: America Lost and Found

Photo by Reba Spike on Unsplash So captivated by Taylor-Joy’s performance in The Queen’s Gambit, the visual drama, Scott Frank’s “heart-palpitating quick” and “lingering shots”, many overlook Walter Tevis’ presentation of America. Instead of the picture-perfect Leave-It-to-Beaver and The-Brady-Bunch sitcoms, typical of the cold-war era, Tevis depicts the American family as broken and American friendshipsContinue reading “The Queen’s Gambit: America Lost and Found”

One Step at a Time

Photo by Christopher Sardegna on Unsplash Nagi makes her cake batter before she pours it into the pan. Pfizer and BioNTech will first send the government “additional doses of their Covid-19 vaccine” before the government donates them.  U.S. and Russian officials discussed issues before they addressed them. Since the “making”, “sending”, and “discussing” occurred first,Continue reading “One Step at a Time”

A Stroll Through Taynisky Garden

Read along with the author in this screencast. The foreign donations that Anna Kovskaya accepted to her newspaper should have remained secret. Last year, Sergey Ivanoff put a hit on her colleague for taking gifts. Afraid that Ivanoff knew of the monies and that he planned to now target her, Anna and a friend slippedContinue reading “A Stroll Through Taynisky Garden”

Cruella: The Long and Short of It

Critics of Cruella describe the screenplay as a “mess” and the character as “confusing”; still, fans everywhere are wearing half-blond and half-black hairdos in honor of the film. The fashion-shows charms us; the rags to riches tale keeps our attention. A series of engaging storylines about Cruella and her revolutionary style sweep us up andContinue reading “Cruella: The Long and Short of It”

The Wonders of WandaVision (2)

Complaints about WandaVision’s flying-in-midair scenes and descriptions of the finale a “five-ring circus” overlook the extraordinary writing in the series.  Framke and Vary recognize the show’s relevant themes, but describing the show as an “oddity” fails to pay tribute to the genius of the script.  Rotten Tomatoes description of WandaVision as “wonderfully weird and strikinglyContinue reading “The Wonders of WandaVision (2)”