On Holden, You Lack Empathy, Isle

You say that you don’t hate Holden. Then, you call him a “troubled outsider who sucks”. That’s kind of hating Holden, Isle. You want people to stop talking about Holden as if he’s a real person. But the voice in the text is the expression of Salinger’s experiences. In that sense, Holden is the reflectionContinue reading “On Holden, You Lack Empathy, Isle”

Biden Shows Strength as World Leader

I’m feeling the price of everything. The cost of my fast food yesterday was ridiculous. Who knows how much I’ll spend filling up my tank tomorrow. Thankfully, I still have the democratic right to complain about it, to make choices, and to vote. At least for now. The Russian invasion is challenging our liberties andContinue reading “Biden Shows Strength as World Leader”

Tucker Carlson Condemns Self

There’s something missing. The guy ahead of me in traffic had a broken taillight and a tied-up bumper. Out his window, he was yelling at an old woman, crossing the road. By the look of the car, the guy didn’t “have it together”; yet, there he was, hollering: “C’mon, lady. Get it together! A friendContinue reading “Tucker Carlson Condemns Self”

Fake News Claims Raise False Flags

People say things People often post “fake news” under articles and blogs. Usually, it’s a false flag.  For an article to be “fake news”, it has to have bad facts. “Fake news” is a false flag when it responds to articles that contain true facts. Rather than warning of fake facts, these online notifications ofContinue reading “Fake News Claims Raise False Flags”

Biden Bounces Back as Ratings Rise

Biden fell down. Biden tripped midway while climbing the stairs to AirForce One last year. It’s not surprising. He’s our oldest President. When inaugurated, he was 78. Trump was 74 when taking office. Obama was 47. In the video, he reaches to pull himself up and falls again. As if that wasn’t enough, he goesContinue reading “Biden Bounces Back as Ratings Rise”

Putin “Peacekeeping” Opposes Principles

Putin called the Russian advance into Ukraine “peacekeeping” at the start of the war. The United Nations, however, lays claim to the term. UN Peacekeeping Operations date back to 1948. The UN has used the phrase for over seventy-four years. The term – Peacekeeping Operations – refers to a deployment of troops that seek “to controlContinue reading “Putin “Peacekeeping” Opposes Principles”

Cancel Culture Misses Moments but Matures

It could be the shoes left on the floor in the hallway again. Or the fighting. Or the yelling. As a parent of two young girls, I understand that it’s hard to live with uncivilized people. In this sense, I can identify with the callout movement. Like these defenders, I’ve tried to make my worldContinue reading “Cancel Culture Misses Moments but Matures”

Mission: Live Well, Lose Covid Weight

The batteries in my scale are not wearing down. A magnetic pole reversal isn’t causing the circuits to misfire.  Water weight doesn’t explain the number of pounds that I’ve packed on over the past year. Learning that I’m one of the two in five Americans joining the “Quarantine 15” isn’t making me feel any better.Continue reading “Mission: Live Well, Lose Covid Weight”

Feel Feelings, Slow Down, Taste Food

The latest news on Covid often drums up intense emotions like grief, fear, and anger. We might feel relief, running to the kitchen and delving into a jar of peanut butter. We might numb that grief, fear, and anger by chewing on crackers or eating lots of cookies. The relief that we get, though, lastsContinue reading “Feel Feelings, Slow Down, Taste Food”