Feast Freely but Follow Up to Live Well

Eating freely is not always bad for average people. Crunching on popcorn while watching an exciting movie feels good.  A hot mug of Irish coffee in winter comforts the body and mind.  Delving into chocolate cake can inspire us to do an extra-hard workout the next day. We might wake up more relaxed after thatContinue reading “Feast Freely but Follow Up to Live Well”

Professional Boundaries

Majority Rule, Minority Rights I read the email from Principal Myers that asked me to stop by his office after school. I gulped, afraid that he wanted to talk about the complaints that Ms. Putram made against Ms. Rochier, a teacher I worked with. Ms. Rochier and I had become close. I was a long-termContinue reading “Professional Boundaries”

Gift Exchange Ideas that Outshine Mine

I Give Good Enough Gifts My parents like the gifts that I give them. My father recently mentioned the stew that he made in the Instant Pot that I gifted him last year. My mother still wears the shawl that I got her once. The framed pictures of their grandkids that I had tucked intoContinue reading “Gift Exchange Ideas that Outshine Mine”

A Politics-Free Holiday Dinner

Last Year, Christmas Began on a High Note A cinnamon candle in the foyer of my NJ home greeted family members as they arrived. In the living room by the fireplace, we drank wine, and while listening to holiday standards, nibbled on grapes and cheese. The kids played with their new toys; Uncle Thomas andContinue reading “A Politics-Free Holiday Dinner”