The Queen’s Gambit: America Lost and Found

Photo by Reba Spike on Unsplash So captivated by Taylor-Joy’s performance in The Queen’s Gambit, the visual drama, Scott Frank’s “heart-palpitating quick” and “lingering shots”, many overlook Walter Tevis’ presentation of America. Instead of the picture-perfect Leave-It-to-Beaver and The-Brady-Bunch sitcoms, typical of the cold-war era, Tevis depicts the American family as broken and American friendshipsContinue reading “The Queen’s Gambit: America Lost and Found”

Cruella: The Long and Short of It

Critics of Cruella describe the screenplay as a “mess” and the character as “confusing”; still, fans everywhere are wearing half-blond and half-black hairdos in honor of the film. The fashion-shows charms us; the rags to riches tale keeps our attention. A series of engaging storylines about Cruella and her revolutionary style sweep us up andContinue reading “Cruella: The Long and Short of It”

The Wonders of WandaVision (2)

Complaints about WandaVision’s flying-in-midair scenes and descriptions of the finale a “five-ring circus” overlook the extraordinary writing in the series.  Framke and Vary recognize the show’s relevant themes, but describing the show as an “oddity” fails to pay tribute to the genius of the script.  Rotten Tomatoes description of WandaVision as “wonderfully weird and strikinglyContinue reading “The Wonders of WandaVision (2)”

Cruella: Badass but Botched

Cruella, Disney’s newest movie, got rough press.  While some complaints neglect to give the fashion extravaganza the credibility that it deserves, the script is kind of “a mess”, as Seitz notes. Lawsen’s complaints about the “confusing” character of Estella has merit.  Even Kirby, who enjoyed the film as I did, offhandedly refers to the film’sContinue reading “Cruella: Badass but Botched”