Feel Feelings, Slow Down, Taste Food

The latest news on Covid often drums up intense emotions like grief, fear, and anger. We might feel relief, running to the kitchen and delving into a jar of peanut butter. We might numb that grief, fear, and anger by chewing on crackers or eating lots of cookies. The relief that we get, though, lastsContinue reading “Feel Feelings, Slow Down, Taste Food”

Feast Freely but Follow Up to Live Well

Eating freely is not always bad for average people. Crunching on popcorn while watching an exciting movie feels good.  A hot mug of Irish coffee in winter comforts the body and mind.  Delving into chocolate cake can inspire us to do an extra-hard workout the next day. We might wake up more relaxed after thatContinue reading “Feast Freely but Follow Up to Live Well”